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Hey Guys,

I’m just about to install vista to dual boot with win xp, I have 2 HDDs, 1 160GB Primary Master and 1 80gb Primary Slave.

Currently I’m using the 80GB for Downloads and such, and the 160gb has 1 15gb partition with XP and 1 135gb Partition for games and such.

I’m just wondering, if I split up the 135gb partition into say, a 20gb partition and a 115gb partition, will that work and let me install Vista onto the 20gb partition? or do I need to use my 2nd HDD to do it?

Secondly is there anything I should know before going ahead with this? I got Vista just after release so I know how to install it but I’m not sure if I need to do anything special to make it dual bootable so it will recognise Vista and XP and give me the choice of what to do when I turn the pc on.

Just one last question, and I’m thinking the answer is probably pretty logical, but I’ll ask anyway.

If I install a program in Winxp, will it install it for Vista too, so just say I install Oblivion on XP would it show up in Vista as an installed program?

I dont really want to use Vista for gaming anyway, but just for chatting and stuff as I really loved the interface of it, just disliked the different performance in games and the incompatability of programs.

Hoping for some fast answers so I can get it done ASAP.

Answer for this problem is here!