Halo 2 Gets Some Box Art for Window Vista

You know a game is nearing completion when the box art becomes available. But in this case, the suspense is probably far less…eh…suspenseful, considering that we already have an idea of when the game is coming out. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t report on all the latest happenings regarding Halo 2 Vista. And in this particular, that happens to be the release of the box art.

Now if you honestly don’t know what Halo 2 Vista is, I think you need to get out from under your rock and at least keep up to date with Microsoft’s latest attempts at controlling a little planet called Earth. But seriously, Halo 2 Vista is the biggest first-person shooter to hit the PC sector since the last Counter-Strike spin-off. H2V features vehicles, a grand shooting adventure and most importantly, an even bigger multiplayer mode than what was found on the original Xbox version. Can you believe that? It’s actually bigger. That’s almost insane.

More maps, faster frame-rates, more options and better visuals round out what will be a phenomenal experience for PC gamers. Okay, so yeah…there’s like a hundred other FPS games on PC that look just as good, maybe even have twice as many weapons and possibly feature a much longer story-mode experience, but come on…it’s Halo!

Well, if you still don’t care all that much for Halo 2 for Windows Vista, you can least take some measure of appreciation for the super cool looking box art. I mean, it is really cool!


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